Contract – Palliative Care (West Leicestershire CCG)

This service is currently under review. An update will be provided in April 2019




In accordance with guidance issued by NHS England, from 1st April 2014, East Leicestershire CCG has procured from participating pharmacies a Community Based Supply of Palliative Drugs Service using the NHS Standard Contract.  East Leicestershire CCG is no longer able to commission services using the Local Enhanced Service (LES) contract.

Following a review of services commissioned in 2013/14, West Leicestershire CCG has continued to invest in community based services delivered through pharmacy and have commissioned the Supply of On demand Palliative Care and other specialised medication using a single tender action procurement process.

Duration of Contract: 1st April 2014 – 31st March 2016


  • Service users with a terminal illness can often experience,  towards the end of life, new or worsening symptoms or they may require parenteral administration via a syringe driver
  • Service users may be prescribed a different type or strength of medication which they need to access urgently. If service users or their carers find they have a delay in accessing this medication it can cause distress
  • The aim of the service is to provide service users with prompt access to a range of palliative care and specialist medications when they are required
  • The demand for these specialist medicines maybe urgent and / or unpredictable
  • It’s recognised that the supply of palliative care drugs from community pharmacy and the nature and demand for palliative care drugs means they are not always readily available from community pharmacies especially those which are rarely used in other circumstances and that access and continuity of supply for these types of drugs needs to improve
  • If service users can access the required palliative care medication in a timely manner, they can stay at home rather than being admitted into hospital for symptom management
  • This service supports the reduction of pressure on Secondary Care Providers


Aims and objectives of the Service

  • Provide a service which is available closer to home
  • Improve access and choice for service users
  • Service users are treated with dignity and respect
  • Prevent unnecessary and inappropriate emergency admissions which has an emphasis on providing better value for money
  • Improve health and wellbeing and care outcomes for service users
  • Support the service user’s end of life pathway and the option to die in their usual place of residence.
  • The provider must stock a range of palliative care and other specialist medication indicated in the relevant formulary
  • When presented with an NHS prescription for medication, the provider is required to dispense this for the service user within 1 hour by an accredited pharmacist (qualified pharmacist including locums). If appropriate the pharmacist could arrange for the medication to be delivered to the patients home
  • The accredited pharmacist at point of dispensing this medication is expected to undertake an accuracy check, consider interactions and contraindications.
  • If the provider is not able to dispense the required medication on the same day, the provider must make arrangements on behalf of the service user or carer for another provider locally to dispense the required medication (e.g. telephone another local pharmacy on the list of providers that has been provided by the commissioner to check they have the required medications, help to get the prescription sourced). This should be recorded as an internal incident so the provider can learn from this

It’s important that the provider can work on an integrated basis with a range of services / providers including:

  • Primary Medical Care Providers
  • Community Pharmacies
  • Secondary Care Providers
  • Community Hospital Providers
  • Community Nursing Services including district nurses and Macmillan nurses
  • Palliative care specialist teams
  • Carer Services
  • Nursing and Residential Homes
  • Single Point of Access
  • Out of Hours Service
  • UCC
  • NHS 1111


Claiming payment

The NHS standard Contract requires providers to submit an invoice and monitoring information to the Commissioner electronically by the 11th day of each quarter as specified below:

Quarter Period Covered Submission Date for Invoices
One 1st April – 30th June 11th July
Two 1st July – 30th September 11th October
Three 1st October – 31st December 11th January
Four 1st January – 31st March 11th April

1. You must submit your claim using the specific invoice and monitoring sheet created by West Leicestershire CCG that will be sent to pharmacy each quarter.

2. Follow the instructions below for the completion and return of your invoice

  • The invoice and data monitoring form will be automatically sent to participating pharmacies by W-CCG for each quarter. An example of the invoice and monitoring form can be downloaded here: 1415 Qtr 1 Pharmacy out of date drugs claim form
  • Each Community Based Service has a worksheet tab that includes work undertaken and the monitoring information required as detailed in the service specification 
  • Pharmacists should only complete the green boxes
  • The Invoice worksheet tab is automatically populated from the data tab
  • The basic information for each pharmacy i.e. name and address will be automatically populated from the pharmacy code information completed on the data worksheet tab

3. This new process will replace any previous system for West Leicestershire CCG


Where to send your claim

  • Claims must be submitted electronically to the West Leicestershire CCG central mail box at
  • The CCG will collate all documents and process payment
  • You do not need to send anything to SBS

Document Downloads

Service Specification (West Leics CCG) Appendix 1. Palliaitive Care Drugs FINAL
Quality Requirements (West Leics CCG) Appendix 2. Quality Schedule Pharmacy Final
FAQs (West Leics CCG) Community Based Services FAQ Pharmacy
List of Pharmacies 2014 List of Pharmacies 0306
Sample Invoice & Data monitoring Form (West Leics CCG) 1415 Qtr 1 Pharmacy out of date drugs claim form
Guidance on completing Claim Forms (West Leics CCG) Step-by-step Guidance on how to complete Pharmacy Claim Forms 1415 final

Further information

Jennie Caukwell Delivery Manager, West Leics CCG 01509 567726
Sonal Chudasama Delivery Support Officer, West Leics CCG 01509 567718
Jake Cooke Delivery Manager, West Leics CCG 01509 567718

 Address: West Leicestershire CCG –  55 Woodgate – Loughborough LE11 2TZ