COVID-19 Lateral Flow Device Distribution Service (Pharmacy Collect)

This service aims to improve access to COVID-19 testing by making lateral flow device (LFD) test kits readily available at community pharmacies for asymptomatic people to identify COVID-positive cases in the community and break the chain of transmission.


The NHS Community Pharmacy Lateral Flow Device Distribution Service was officially launched and added to the NHS Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework at the end of March 2021.

The Service:

This new Advanced service is available for pharmacy contractors to provide as long as they meet the necessary requirements and works alongside existing NHS Test and Trace COVID-19 testing routes.

The commissioned service is part of the Government’s national response to findings that show participants prefer to access testing in the community. Pharmacists are trusted by their local communities, whereas unfamiliar new points of access are less well trusted. The service therefore aims to improve access to asymptomatic COVID-19 testing by making lateral flow device (LFD) test kits readily available at community pharmacies. People will self-administer the tests away from the pharmacy and pharmacy staff will not be involved in the generation of test results, supporting the reporting of results or the next steps for the person taking the test.

The service will be reviewed at the end of June 2021. This will allow the service specification to be updated in light of possible insight from user engagement and the experience of contractors providing the service.

In NHS Test and Trace marketing and communications aimed at the public, the service will be referred to as ‘Pharmacy Collect’ and it allows asymptomatic people to collect LFD test kits, free of charge, from community pharmacies, so they can undertake regular testing as part of the Government’s COVID-19 roadmap plan.

Manage your pharmacy’s data on the NHS Test and Trace Site Finder map

Contractors can request to manage their data on the NHS Test and Trace Site Finder map so they can update their information as required. To enable this control, contractors need to email:

Please note: Contractors will need access to a mobile phone to support two-factor authentication used when logging into the following website page:

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VirtualOutcomes training is also available free of charge to all community pharmacies within Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland:

To learn more about the service, please read the following PSNC website page: