Enhanced Services

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Services may be commissioned locally either by NHS England (Local Enhanced Services or LES) or by Clinical Commissioning Groups or Local Authorities (Local Commissioned Services or LCS). There is also the possibility that services are co-commissioned by NHS England and CCGs together.



Community pharmacies may be approached to provide these services or invited to express interest / tender for the opportunity to provide them. In some cases, an electronic tendering platform (such as In-Tend) may be used that requires contractors to pre-register. It is important to follow the tendering procedure rules carefully and the committee will provide guidance on this as and when appropriate.

In each case LLR LPC will appraise the proposed service using a scrutiny procedure endorsed by PSNC. The various elements of the service (remuneration, set up costs, sustainability etc.) will each be considered and then communicated to the pharmacy contractors concerned.

It will, of course, be for the contractor themselves to ultimately decide whether they wish to participate in any service. LLR LPC is simply attempting to represent the collective best interests of all contractors and in doing so, is drawing upon its experience of commissioned services from across the footprint in which it operates, and the individual contractor should make a judgement on what is right for them personally.

It is our general philosophy that pharmacy contractors should expect to receive a fair return for their professional input into the delivery of a service and that the best local services are those which have been co-designed with commissioners to ensure that they deliver patient benefit, value for money for the commissioner, a fair return for the provider, are operationally efficient to deliver and are sustainable.