DMIRS: Digital Minor Illness Referral Service (NHS England East Midlands)

A service has been running successfully in North East England since December 2017 here various low acuity calls to NHS 111 are referred to community pharmacies.  This is  known as ‘Digital Minor Illness Referral Service (DMIRS) and will be rolled out across East Midlands in autumn 2018.

The Service is being extended to include the geography covered by NHS 111 provider DHU (Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire). The service is funded through the Pharmacy Integration Fund.

The engagement event held in LLR resulted in 198 attendees however contractors need to sign up at the BSA website to register for the service;

Thanks for your engagement and attendance to the DMIRS event last month.

 Key Actions

1.     Please could you sign up to deliver the service on the BSA website at the following link: 

2.     Please ensure that you select the East midlands area when you sign up to the service otherwise you will not be able to sign up.

3.     Please ensure you know your NHS shared mailbox address – you can ring the nhsmail helpdesk or email 

4.     Please also ensure that you do change your password on your nhs mail account when you are notified ( every 90 days) otherwise the account will be deleted. This is also important to ensure you meet the quality payment criteria so please ensure you action this.

5.     NHSmail helpdesk
For all other queries regarding NHSmail, the national NHSmail helpdesk is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on 0333 200 1133, or via email at

Further details will be provided in due course regarding supporting materials and go-live dates from NHSE and I will keep you updated.

The purpose of the Digital Minor Illness Referral Service (DMIRS) is to reduce the burden on urgent and emergency care services by referring patients requiring low acuity advice and treatment from NHS 111 to community pharmacy. Its aim is to ensure that patients have access to the same if not better levels of care, closer to home and with a self-care emphasis.

The agreement is for the pharmacy to provide self-care advice and support, including printed information, to all individuals referred to the pharmacy by NHS 111 on the management of specified low acuity conditions. The service level agreement is being finalised at present once this has been approved it will be sent out to  all pharmacies, and head offices for the multiples.


The service went live in November 2018 and further information will be shared via NHSE in regards to test sites and the phased “go live” process. Its important to ensure that all teams, reliefs, locums and Saturday staff are briefed to ensure they can access PharmOutcomes and have access to key documents to enable them to action referrals that come through the system. 

NHSE will be having launch events in conjunction with selected LPC’s for Community Pharmacies across the area and would like for you all to attend to understand more about the service and to answer questions before the service goes live and referrals are made.

PharmOutcomes Video Guide

DMIRS North East Training Video



In due course – the supporting documents will be shared by NHSE

DMIRS patient survey user guide PharmOutcomes