Domiciliary MUR Service (NHS England East Midlands)

The domiciliary MUR service will run from April to June 2016 to deliver 10 MURs per signed up pharmacy and is supported and funded through NHS England in Leicester /Lincolnshire.




PharmOutcomes login and passwords have been sent to all contractors and the service is now live.

Dear Contractors,

Those of you who applied to deliver this service should have now received the email below. There is a limit of 10 MUR per pharmacy and I hope you can action the below points so you can start delivery.

If you have any questions please contact ; or myself.

Thank you for signing up to provide the Domiciliary Medicine Use Review Pilot Service. Before you can provide the service you must confirm as per the attached service specification, Page 3, the eligibility criteria listed below:

Please ensure:

1.4 Eligibility    

All Pharmacists providing the service must:

a) Be accredited to provide MURs

b) Obtain NHS England permission to carry out domiciliary MURs

As part of the project. Each pharmacy should submit a Prem2C form for this purpose – specifying “patients referred under the Leicestershire/Lincolnshire Domiciliary MUR Pilot” as the category of patient, and “patients own homes” as the location prior to commencing the service.

This has been completed for you on the attached Prem2C form. Please complete the rest of the form and send this to

Additionally, you are required to:

    • Have a current DBS check, i.e. one that has been completed in last three months (or where pharmacist has ongoing cover), prior to commencement. Please note NHS England will not separately fund DBS checks for pharmacists providing this service.
    • Have a chaperone policy – pharmacist/patient to arrange chaperones where required, arrangements will need to be communicated and arranged prior to visit. This can be obtained from your company or from providers such as the NPA, Numark.

When you submit your Prem2C form, please confirm you are accredited to provide MURs and have a chaperone policy in place.

Upon receipt of this you can provide this service.

Leicestershire & Rutland Local Pharmaceutical Committee (LPC) has informed you of how to access PharmOutcomes in the provision of this service. You should have all received your logins but:

    • please note: If you already provide services via PharmOutcomes such as ERMS etc… then it is the same login details as you already use. You do not need another password.

If you have any questions, please contact the Primary Care Team on:

April 2016