Quality Payment Scheme update – claim for Feb 2019


In September 2018, a new Quality Payment Scheme was announced for the remainder of the 2018-19 financial year.

The new scheme has a review point in February 2019 and several revisions from previous scheme criteria.

Deadline Friday 15th February 2019



What are the Payments Worth?

There are seven quality criteria, each of which can earn a point. The maximum number of points a pharmacy can achieve is 100. Each point is worth £32.

So if your pharmacy achieves all 100 points, there will be a minimum of £3200 earned per annum.  However if not all pharmacies earn all of their points then the remaining pot of money will be divided up between those pharmacies earning points.  Therefore the potential payout could be worth £6,400.

So to ensure you can get as much as possible, it would be prudent to maximise the number of points you earn!

There are a number of key changes, new requirements and amended requirements so please read the information carefully and start you work as soon as possible.

The PSNC has a page dedicated to supporting contractors.


To be eligible to collect the points necessary to claim the Quality Payment, the contractor must meet five gateway criteria:

  • Provision of at least one specified Advanced Service
  • Have your NHS UK entry updated and validated
  • Uploaded last completed CPPQ onto NHS UK profile
  • Two live NHS mail accounts
  • IT System compliance

If these five gateway criteria aren’t met, NO points will be earned and no payments made.

We strongly recommend contractors to visit the following websites to access the training and e-assessments.

  1. Virtualoutcomes.co.uk free training
  2. CPPE Quality Payment pages

Claiming a Quality Payment 2019

A Quality Payment can be claimed for the review point on Friday  15th February 2019, claiming for payments contractors will need to complete a declaration via the NHS BSA website.

The declaration period will be between Monday 4th February 2019 at 9am and Friday 1st March at 11:59pm.

Payment for the February review point will be paid as part of the full payment for the March 2019 submission to the Pricing Authority ( which contractors will receive in June 2019).


A Quality Payments Scheme framework has been created on PharmOutcomes, which will allow contractors to track their progress with achieving the quality payments criteria. The assessment also contains links to the PSNC website to provide contractors with additional information on each criterion and links to other PharmOutcomes services to assist contractors with collating evidence.

Once a contractor has logged into PharmOutcomes, the framework can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Assessments’ tab on the PharmOutcomes homepage.

If a contractor has not used PharmOutcomes before, log in details can be obtained by sending a message to the PharmOutcomes Helpdesk. Contractors will need to provide details of the pharmacy, contact information and an email address to issue the login details to.