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Dear contractors and teams,

I am receiving increasing numbers of cases regarding changes of nomination which have allegedly not been consented to by the patient. The nomination of a pharmacy is the patients choice and you must gain patient consent, inform them of the changes and keep a signed consent and record of the date the conversation with the date on the PMR or consent form. Some incidents are being investigated and so I urge you to follow correct processes.

If you encounter such issues and the patient complains to you – the patient must be advised to raise a complaint to the NHS

Action for contractors: print the guidance for patients on making a complaint and keep this in your pharmacy  – making a complaint and provide this to them should such issues occur

You can complain or give feedback:

By post to:

NHS England PO Box 16738 Redditch B97 9PT

By email to:

If you are making a complaint please state: ‘For the attention of the complaints team’ in the subject line.

By telephone: 0300 311 22 33

Reminder: following EPS nomination processes

To use electronic prescriptions, patients choose where their prescriber will electronically send their prescriptions. This is called nomination.

Nominations can be set, changed or cancelled at any time.

  • A) patients must be fully informed about EPS before their nomination can be set on the system
  • B)nomination is suitable for most patients. Patients on regular repeats and who use the same pharmacy most of the time will see the most benefit
  • C) patients must opt-in. Changes can’t be made to a patient’s nomination unless they request it

Arden and Gem at CSU have been supporting Community pharmacies in implementing EPS Release 2. The majority of pharmacies have become Release 2 compliant. NHS England will now provide support for community pharmacies with EPS.

We have attached a FAQ document which will answer most of the common questions that we have received from community pharmacies and this should be used as a reference before contacting NHS England, Midlands & East (Central Midlands)

Please see the contact details for the Local Area Team below, please ensure that you follow local procedures before contacting them.

Contact details for NHS England, Midlands & East (Central Midlands)

Email: england.llrprimarycare@nhs.net

Vicky Lewin 0113 824 9505

NHS digital now hosts all information relating to EPS and eRD (Electronic Repeat Dispensing)

Resources and Links:

Benefits of electronic prescriptions

Prescriptions are processed more efficiently:

    • electronic prescriptions contain the patient’s information, so there is less need to type this into your dispensing system
    • prescribers use a standardised drug dictionary to complete electronic prescriptions, improving prescription accuracy and reducing the risk of patients receiving the wrong medication
    • receive fewer reimbursement queries due to electronic prescription endorsement
    • reduced risk of duplicate prescriptions as electronic prescriptions can’t be lost

Less paperwork:

    • only signed tokens need to be sent to the NHS Business Services Authority in the month end prescription submission – there’s no need to file and sort them like FP10s
    • no need to send and collect paper prescriptions to and from GP practices
    • no need to wait for paper prescriptions to arrive in the post

Better stock control

    • accessing electronic prescriptions in advance of the patient’s arrival means you have time to order any out of stock items
    • electronic prescriptions can be integrated with stock control modules to further reduce administration

Improved patient satisfaction

    • electronic prescriptions allow you to order and prepare prescriptions in advance, reducing waiting times for patients and ensuring stock is available
    • notes can be added to electronic prescriptions, allowing messages from prescribers to be passed to patients


To use electronic prescriptions, patients choose where their prescriber will electronically send their prescriptions. This is called nomination.

Nominations can be set, changed or cancelled at any time.

Finding prescriptions

If you can’t find an electronic prescription, there are 2 things you can do:

  1. Do a routine prescription download.
  2. Use the prescription tracker and search by NHS number.

Electronic repeat dispensing for dispensers

Electronic repeat dispensing (eRD) is an integral part of EPS, which offers many extra benefits over paper repeat dispensing and dispensing of repeat prescriptions.

If you’re a dispenser, find out about electronic repeat dispensing and how you could benefit from using it.

Key principles of nomination

To ensure nomination is used in an appropriate way, four Key Principles of Nomination have been developed:

Principle 1– Patients must be provided with sufficient information about the EPS before nomination is captured

Principle 2– Patients must not be influenced to nominate a specific dispensing contractor.

2a– Dispensing contractors must not offer any type of inducement to encourage patients to nominate them.

2b– Primary medical care contractors shall not seek to persuade a patient to nominate a dispenser recommended by the prescriber or the contractor.

Principle 3– Dispensing contractors will need to capture, record and act on a patient’s nomination request in a timely manner.

Principle 4– Prescribers and dispensing contractors must establish standard operating procedures for nomination.

NHS Digital Resources and toolkit

Maximising electronic repeat dispensing