GDPR – General Data Protection Regulations


Deadline for action : 25th May 2018

How can I prepare? (including key PSNC resources)

It is expected that the ICO will provide further GDPR guidance throughout the implementation period and once the GDPR is applicable. ICO Guidance—Preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): 12 steps to take now

NHS European Office (part of NHS Confederation) have also produced a briefing to help prepare commissions, hospitals and other health and care providers for the main changes that can be expected which pharmacy contractors may find helpful.

Pharmacy contractors are encouraged to consider and familiarise themselves with obligations under the GDPR to determine any compliance gaps in need of addressing in their standard operating procedures and other policies for when the GDPR goes live.

GDPR guidance documents

The following series of guidance documents has been created by the cross-sector Community Pharmacy GDPR Working Party to assist community pharmacy contractors in working towards General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.

PSNC Guidance Documents

1.Guidance for Community Pharmacy (Part 1): this should help contractors to understand the GDPR requirements, and it sets out the steps they will need to take to comply (detailed guidance and must read)

 2.Guidance for Community Pharmacy (short version) (Part 2): this has been made available to assist with staff training. (attached) – short summary version

 3.Workbook for Community Pharmacy (Part 3): this contains a set of editable templates that contractors can use to show that they are meeting all the GDPR requirements (attached) – use the workbook attached in word to ensure you are compliant as a working guide and complete as a record of compliance and keep in a safe place in your pharmacies with other policies and SOPs

 4. FAQs for Community Pharmacy (Part 4): this provides simple answers to key questions on the GDPR. (attached) – FAQ document to answer common queries

GDPR compliance webinars

Action: please book on 12th April 2018 – This has been really useful for contractors to understand how to implement GDPR requirements and using these documents

Community pharmacy contractors will have two opportunities to tune into a live webinar hosted by PSNC Director of Operations and Support, Gordon Hockey. During each webinar Gordon will explain what GDPR is, clarify what that means for the average pharmacy business, outline the steps contractors will need to take to comply, and talk you through the templates PSNC has developed as part of a cross-sector GDPR working group.

Gordon will also make sure you know where to find all the relevant resources created for contractors and where you can turn for additional support. Each webinar is expected to last around 60 minutes with some time devoted to answering your questions; so please tune in to make sure you understand what GDPR means for your pharmacy.

Action: The webinar is scheduled for Thursday 12th April at 7.30pm (please book on the webinar to get some training. It has very good feedback and been helpful to contractors)