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Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) self-assessment

On the day of the review, the pharmacy is a Healthy Living Pharmacy level 1 (self-assessment).

PSNC guidance and resources to support contractors to meet this criterion

28th April 2017

OR 24th November 2017*


1. Community pharmacy contractors who wish to become a Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) level 1 must be able to meet the 27 quality criteria (tinyurl.com/HLPLevel1) developed by the HLP Task Group of the Pharmacy and Public Health Forum, which has been published by Public Health England (PHE).

This can be claimed at the November claim point.

Action: Read and Print HLP level 1 checklist and Public Health England HLP self-assessment guidance for your reference. The LPC will be providing further guidance and support to help you achieve this In due course. We are currently working with public health teams to formulate local support guidance to support you.

2. Contractors must be able to provide evidence for each of the quality criteria and may be required to make this available for inspection. The evidence should be collated in a folder in the event there is a quality assurance or monitoring visit and should demonstrate ongoing activity to engage with the HLP Process.

The LPC will be supporting commissioning of a folder with a workbook to support you to achieve this and also to use the folder to keep your evidence. This folder will be sent to all contractors who have registered for HLP champion training and leadership.

3. The LPC are supporting contractors to achieve 2 criteria through the provision of HLP leadership Training and providing HLP champion training for pharmacy staff  (x 1 funded place). This will help you achieve 2 out of the 27 criteria you need to achieve.

Action: The deadline is to complete the HLP champion training is within 8 weeks of receipt as per your declaration and our agreement with Health Education England when ordered  so please complete this as soon as you possibly can to achieve this criteria and Pharmacy Complete are supporting us to follow this up and complete the accreditation process. Please see the following links:

4. The HLP concept is a vision to to develop community pharmacies from being suppliers of medicines to become Healthy Living Centres providing self-care advice and treatment for common ailments and healthy lifestyle interventions, in addition to providing the safe supply and use of prescribed medicines in everyday practice.

There are three levels of service delivery within the HLP framework: Level 1: Promotion – Promoting health, wellbeing and self-care (in July 2016, level 1 changed from a commissioner-led process to a profession-led self-assessment process). At a later stage the aim is to work towards level 2 and 3. Level 2 being about prevention through service delivery (commissioner led) and level 3 being about Protection through provision of treatment. The achievement of level 1 status will support us in the long term to gain more commissioned services for delivery.

5. Below are links to the checklist of the 27 quality criteria which pharmacy teams need to achieve to gain HLP Level 1 status:

HLP Level 1 Evidence Portfolio Workbook which pharmacy teams can use to guide them through the HLP quality criteria and assist them with recording their evidence to show they have reached HLP Level 1 is available below:

A flow chart detailing the process to follow to achieve HLP Level 1 can also be found below:

6. Holding health promotion events/campaigns and documenting details of these are a way for pharmacy teams to demonstrate that they meet several of the quality criteria that pharmacy teams need to meet to achieve and maintain HLP level 1.

7. All PSNC resources including guidance, resources and support are available on the following PSNC website page:

8. Pharmacies becoming HLPs for the first time will need to register on the RSPH online register by completing the assessment of compliance once they have met the requirements of a HLP Level 1 as defined by PHE.

The RSPH online register has been commissioned by PHE and is only open to those pharmacies that have undertaken the profession led self-assessment process and have not been previously accredited as an HLP. This online register is a pilot and is open to a limited number of pharmacies for a limited period of time. ( further updates will be provided by the LPC on developments)

9. Contractors will be required to confirm through the NHS BSA online declaration page that they meet this quality criterion.

10. MECC training briefing and eLearning registration instructions for LLR LPC are explained in the following briefing document:

11. Record Keeping for Health Promotions and Brief Interventions

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13. Annual Plan of national awareness campaigns (NHS Confederation of Employers)

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