Oral Health Campaigns & Resources (Leicester City Public Heath)

Please find below links to the PH City campaigns to promote Oral Health in Children and Adults

Leicester City PH are keen for Community Pharmacy to support the Oral Health PH campaign and are also providing a free 2 hour  training session for staff and pharmacists

As we are working to get commissioned services for CP – our support for the campaigns will help to gain funding so please support as much as you can.

Dental health for children in Leicester City is worse than the national and regional averages as well as when compared against all local authority comparators and hence this is a key focus for the City

Five year old children living in Leicester have the highest experience of dental decay observed in England and we can support this !

The ambition ; A 10% increase in the proportion of 5 year olds in Leicester with no signs of dental disease by 2019

 Why is this outcome important?

Dental health is widely used as an ‘indicative measure’ of children’s general health. It has also been included as an indicator within the Public Health Outcomes Framework. Dental decay is almost totally preventable but is accounts for significant pain and discomfort to the child and to absence from school.



Key messages include ;

1.You should get your child into good habits at an early stage. Make sure they brush their teeth last thing at night and at least on one other occasion with a family fluoride toothpaste.

2.Get your child used to visiting the dentist before their first birthday and take them to an appointment with you to reassure them.

3.All children in the city will receive packs of free toothbrushes and toothpaste on five occasions before they are five

4, reducing the use of sugary drinks and sweets ( keeping your pharmacies  sweet – free encourage supervised brushing which shows to reduce the rate of tooth decay

 PH City – Free 2 hour training session for all staff  to support this;

We run free Multi-Agency Training from Children, Young People and Family Centres across the City.

It is a 2 hour interactive session designed for all health and care staff to receive up to date oral health messages; which can then be cascaded within their service and to the members of the community they work with.

If you click on the link in my signature below, it will bring up all the planned training sessions we have – delegates can book online through that website.

Multi-Agency Training now available to all Health & Care Staff in Leicester, book now! http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/oral-health-promoters-public-health-leicester-city-council-8301034317

If you would like any further information or would like to ask any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch 🙂

Kind regards,

Laura Watkins

Oral Health Promoter – North & East Cluster (and covering North West until 08/2016)
Public Health & Health Improvement
Leicester City Council
Tel: 07525 249 670
Email: Laura.Watkins@leicester.gov.uk

This will also involve PH conducting a number of Roadshows to promote Oral Mouth Cancer Screening and self diagnosis

Please click on the links below for more information;

oral mouth cancer campaign PH City Adults

healthy smiles Children Resources PH City

Healthy Smiles Free Resources PH City

Oral Health HCP Resources PH City

For Oral Mouth Cancer Campaign Posters Click below;

Flyer Oral Mouth Cancer Campaign

Mouth Cancer Poster A3_FINAL


Events, campaigns and current activities – Leicester City Council

PH  run campaigns to help tackle key health issues in the city and  also support national campaigns to help you improve your health and wellbeing.

Current campaigns include:

Healthy teeth, happy smiles – our oral health campaign for children and families.

Choose Better – we’re supporting NHS Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland’s campaign to help you understand where to find the health services that can provide you with the right help and care you need.

Local authority mental health challenge – we’ve signed up to the challenge to promote mental health in Leicester.

Step Right Out – Leicester’s campaign encouraging people to ‘step right out’ of their homes and cars and keep them smoke free.

NHS Be clear on cancer – knowing the signs of cancer could save your life.

Smokefree – get free support to quit smoking

updated 10th November 2015