PCSE: Primary Care Support England

PCSE took on responsibility for the delivery of NHS England’s primary care support services in September 2015.




PCSE now provide a service for pharmacies to order NHSE supplies including NHS stationery, pre-printed forms, needles and syringes – these should be ordered through the PCSE portal.

Pharmaceutical lists are maintained by NHS England and all market entry applications must continue to be made to the NHS England Regional Local Team. PCSE is responsible for validating and processing market entry applications on behalf of NHS England.

Contact Details:

Please call us on 0333 014 2884 if you need to register or having problem registering.

EPS tokens can now be ordered through PCSE

Each Pharmacy will need to register on the Portal in order to place orders. The Portal allows you to order supplies and track the orders. Please call us on 0333 014 2884 if you need to register or having problem registering.
The portal will replace the current contacts and channels you use for ordering your PCSE supplies.

Over time, the portal will also become your main route for accessing additional primary care support services, including EPS payments and Pharmacy Market Entry applications.

What will my pharmacy need to do to access the portal?

You will need to register your pharmacy on the portal. Each pharmacy should nominate a ‘Main Contact’ who will be able to set up, delete and assign portal access for any other users in your pharmacy.

Please share the enclosed instructions with your nominated main contact to register your pharmacy on the portal.

This new process applies to all pharmacies in England.

Please print the following flyer for reference:

If you have any queries around registering on the portal, or about the new process, please get in touch with us at

Please call 0333 014 2884 if you need to register

Contractor queries

EPS tokens

There are have been issues with ordering EPS tokens and the LPC have raised this with PSNC and provided extensive feedback and NHSE to escalate issues for resolution via the national steering group. There has been a backlog of orders and also low resourcing/staffing and they are looking to recruit for may/june and will do their best to resolve this and have apologised for the inconvenience. This issue has largely been resolved.5.12.2016

Preregistration Payments

There are a number of contractors who have raised issues regarding the pre-registration training payments being missing or delayed. This has been fed back to NHSE and PSCE. The PSNC are escalating issues nationally but require contractors to provide detail . If you have a problem then please email: chiefofficer@leics-lpc.co.uk with the following details:

If you could kindly put together a single email with the followings details so i can try and support you

    • Pharmacy F / ODS Code;
    • Name of Pharmacy;
    • Summary of steps taken by the pharmacy to resolve e.g. contacted NHS England team and / or PCSE and no response given;
    • Confirmation of outstanding amounts and how calculated;
    • Comment, if any, on the impact this is having on the viability of the pharmacy