Funding Cuts and the impact of Brexit – LLR LPC activities


Leicestershire and Rutland LPC have been working behind the scenes to support the funding cuts campaign.

Leicestershire and Rutland contractors have been fully behind the #loveyourpharmacy campaign led by the NPA, supported by the PSNC (the negotiating body for CP) , Pharmacy Voice and RPS (Royal Pharmaceutical Society) resulting in 2 million signatures from patients across England which was presented at 10 Downing Street to David Cameron in support of the Community Pharmacy to stop to the government proposed community pharmacy funding cuts.


We have now linked with various MP’s across LLR to raise awareness and also contacted and informed many other key stakeholders such as NHS England, HEEM, CCGs and Healthwatch.

Leicestershire and Rutland, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire LPCs have jointly responded to the ‘Community Pharmacy 2016-17 and Beyond’ proposals. We are coordinating a response to ensure engagement with Department of Health, NHS England, RPS , local bodies and MPs to engage and work on your behalf nationally and locally. Please click the following link below for details:

The response from Alistair Burt, Department of Health to the above is shared in the following link below:

The Rt Honorable Keith Vaz visited Belgrave Pharmacy owned by Satyan Kotecha  and extended his support to community pharmacies and attended the adjournment debate on the 24th May 2016

Mr Jonathan Ashworth has also kindly extended his support by writing to the Secretary of State on behalf of LLR community pharmacies and will continue to liaise with us to write further questions

The response can be found here for your information:

LPC Treasurer Adam Thomas also represented the LLR at the national MP community pharmacy engagement event held at the House of Commons and also received some excellent engagement and support from MPs that attended from invitations sent by the LPC. The national figures for sign up has exceeded 1.8 million signatures with great support from the NPA, PSNC, RPS and Pharmacy Voice

The response from LPC members and contractors in LLR LPC to support the funding cuts in terms of petitions and letters to MPs has been gratefully received and recognised by national bodies.

The LPC are still working to raise awareness of the issues in questions and urgent questions and letters have been sent to the minister and the secretary of state. We will continue to do so. We are extremely disappointed with this outcome but urge all contractors to plan for the changes as soon as possible and be assured that there are many key national leads and MP’s who recognise our valuable contribution and expertise.

It is recognised that these funding cuts are detrimental to community pharmacies, the local NHS and our patients.

Please see the link to the press release (above) where Jon Ashworth challenged the proposals in the House of Commons

Other activities:

  • We have kindly been supported by the Deputy City Mayor who has also sent a letter to Jeremy Hunt with support from many local MPs who recognise the value of the community pharmacy network and our role.
  • We will be holding a support and information event with contractors very soon to discuss ways forward to manage these changes.
  • We have had local contractors covered in local media such as the  Leicester Mercury and BBC radio. The LPC has also been interviewed to give their views to raise awareness.

In 2019, ongoing work continues with Pharmacy visits and MPs with recent visits from MEP ( Rory Palmer) to Alpharm Chemist ( Altaf Vaiya) to discuss medicines stock and supply issues.

A visit from PSNC Chief executive Simon Dukes to Belgrave Pharmacy (chair/owner Satyan Kotecha) to discuss the current challenges and financial sustainability of community pharmacies

Luvjit Kandula

Chief Officer LLR LPC

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last updated 02.2020