LLR Funding Cuts Meeting: Slides and Resources

The first LLR Funding Cuts Meeting was held on December 6th 2016 at the Holiday Inn Express LE27FL.


We had over 70 attendees and thanks to all of you that registered and attended with your teams.




We had guest speakers Mike Dent from the PSNC providing an overview of the funding cuts, Rob Darracott from Pharmacy Voice provided an overview of the Future direction of Community Pharmacy. We also had Zahid Khan from Action coach who provided insight into supporting your business in terms of vision and financial mastery to plan for the upcoming changes that we will be faced with. Christy’s and Co provided an insight into the pharmacy market.

Our LPC Chair Satyan Kotecha and LPC member Mohammed Ibrahim provided further insight into delivering operational effiency and supporting service development and growth within Community Pharmacy. Our PR/Comms lead Altaf Vaiya supported promotion and PR of the event and i would like to thank LPC members for attending.

The LPC would like to thank all our contributors for their insight and expertise. We also thank the sponsors, Bestway, Lilly and Christy’s and Co.

Action Coach have kindly provided a free business support workbook that you can use to help you manage your business and made it available to all LPC members. We would like to thank Zahid for allowing us to share the resources.

In addtion, Teva have kindly agreed to provide a free comprehensive NMS and MUR toolkit to support contractors.

If you missed the event and would still like these pack please email sadiyah.zubair@tevauk.com

There are still many unanswered questions and information is emerging on a daily basis and we will keep you updated.

Resources and Links

Resource Link to document
PSNC – Financial Update Slides – Mike Dent funding-webinar-slides-mike-dent-presentation
LLR LPC – Quality Payments Slides – L. Kandula quality-payments-slide-deck-llrlpc-lk
LLR LPC – Operational Efficiency Slides – S. Kotecha satyan-kotecha-operational-efficiency-in-cp
Action Coach – Supporting your Business – Z. Khan business-support-slides-zahid-khan-action-coach
Action Coach – Six steps to success template new-6-steps-sheet-template
Action Coach – Financial Mastery financial-mastery-handout2
Action Coach – Full Business Support Workbook growthclub-business-support-workbook-editable