LPC newsletters 2016 -18

LPC Newsletter SPRING 2016 Final

East Midlands Clinical Senate Spring 2016 Newsletter

LPC Newsletter SUMMER 2016


LLR LPC Newsletter Supplement Flu Season Prep



CD Newsletter February Issue 6

LLRLPC Newsletter Spring 2017

Quality Payment Guidance LLR -revised llr lkandula

llrlpc newsletter Summer Edition Final lk

final – Proposed collaboration between Leicester School of Pharmacy at De Montfort University and Leicestershire and Rutland LPC (002)

CP Meds Update October 2017

Self Care Guidance for minor ailments. Final Version 1.0

LPC Newsletter Winter 2017 final version (November 2017)

Newsletter spring 2018 llrlpc v3

Service Delivery Report LLRLPC Spring 2018

CCG updates

west ccg community-meds-update-december-2016 ( switches)

gf-letter-for-community-pharmacies-new-arrrangements-elr-ccg-and-wccg  (dec 2016)

east-ccg-exemption-list-ccg-otc-medicines-002 (nov 2016)

west-leics-ccg-paracetamol-prescribing-changes-qa-v3 (dec 2016)

qipp-plans-east-ccg-for-pharmacyemollient-switch-letter-to-pharmacies-east-ccg (july 2016)


WL CCG Prescribing changes 2017-18 Final April 2017 (April 2017)

ELRCCG incentive scheme for 2017 (April 2017)

CP Meds Update October 2017

Self Care Guidance for minor ailments. Final Version 1.0 ( november 2017)

East Leicestershire and Rutland Branded generics ( december 2017)

Leicester City CCG Switches April 2018

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CPPE declaration of competence how to use guide

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East Midlands Respiratory Programme Newsletter- August 2016

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