National Advanced Services

Community Pharmacy Advanced Services within the NHS Community Pharmacy ( CPCF)

There are six  Advanced Services within the NHS Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF). Community pharmacies can choose to provide any of these services as long as they meet the requirements set out in the Secretary of State Directions.

The table below links to all the national guidance, service specifications that you would require from the PSNC website.

We also advise that you maximise the uptake and delivery of your NMS, MUR and flu service to ensure we can retain the commissioned service for the future and also to maximise your income.

In LLR as of October 2016;

10 pharmacies in LLR  who do not deliver MUR’s

23 Pharmacies in LLR that do not deliver NMS

In the month of June 2016

Delivery of MUR varied from 0-65 MUR and 0-48 NMS

Vs a national benchmark

Nms +2.29% (1662 delivered)

Mur -1.64 % (4820 Delivered)(average 21 per pharmacy)

We also urge you to participate in the flu service which has significant income potential which is untapped at this time to offset the reduction in income you are facing.

60 Pharmacies out of 224 participated in the NHS flu service delivering 8947 vaccinations for the 2015-16. Statistics for 2016-17 are not available at this time

To be eligible to claim the quality payment you must meet the four gateway criteria one of which includes the provision of one specified advanced service in addition to other criteria 

for more information on the quality payments and achieving them click;

To be eligible to collect the points necessary to claim the Quality Payment, the contractor must meet four gateway criteria:

Contractors passing the gateway criteria will only receive a Quality Payment if they meet one or more of the criteria listed in the table under the ‘Quality Payment criteria’ subheading below. Therefore, meeting the gateway criteria will not, in itself, attract a Quality Payment; it is subject to how many of the quality criteria the contractor meets.

National Service National Resources , Guidance and Service Specifications
Medicines Use Review (MUR)
New Medicines Service (NMS)
Flu Vaccination Service

Appliance Use Review (AUR)
Stoma Appliance Customisation (SAC)
NHS Urgent Medicines Supply Service (NUMSAS)