Management of COVID-19 Cases in Pharmacy, Optometry & Dentistry Primary Care Settings SOP

Management of COVID-19 Cases in Pharmacy, Optometry & Dentistry Primary Care Settings SOP

November 30, 2020

Message from Primary Care, NHS England and NHS Improvement – East Midlands

Update: November 2020

As the number COVID-19 cases continues to increase, we want to take this opportunity to remind you that the Midlands Region wants to ensure that a consistent approach for the management of case/outbreaks of COVID-19 exists across primary care pharmacy, optometry and dental settings across the Region.  This will ensure that the relevant bodies are also notified of any cases/outbreaks.  An outbreak is defined as, where there are two or more cases linked in time, place and person.

To assist you, please see the following updated document ‘Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the Management of COVID-19 Cases in Pharmacy, Optometry and Dentistry Primary Care Settings’.  There are some very important changes within this SOP which all pharmacy, optometric and dental NHS providers will be required to action.

In summary the key changes relate to the following:

  1. There is now no need to inform Public Health England (PHE) of single cases. Instead PHE must be notified of two of more positive cases in staff members within a 14 day period – the local PHE team contact details are contained within Appendix 2 of the SOP and have not changed.
  1. If there is a staff member with a positive COVID-19 test, the pharmacy/practice will need to undertake contact tracing straight away, and further details are given in the SOP to support them with this.
  1. More electronic links have been put in the SOP to allow easy reference to the guidance which is updated on a very regular basis.

The updated SOP includes a web link to the NHSE&I reporting template which must be completed and submitted in circumstances where there is a staff absence due to COVID-19 within a pharmacy, optometry or dental setting and this is likely to impact on service delivery.

Providers must notify NHS England & NHS Improvement using the following ‘Notification of COVID-19 Service Disruption and/or Outbreak in Primary Care form’:

There is no requirement to complete the above NHSE&I form for single cases where it is not likely to impact on service delivery. The above NHSE&I form must however be completed if the practice/pharmacy becomes aware of two or more positive cases in staff or members of the public who have attended their premises.

Upon receipt of the above form, NHSE&I will ensure that a clinical adviser contacts the provider where additional information, support or advice is required.  Providers may need to complete a separate reporting form and advice and guidance will be offered to the provider during this call.

Thank you for your continued support during these challenging times.

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