New PSNC Twitter account to promote pharmacy to a wider audience

New PSNC Twitter account to promote pharmacy to a wider audience

April 5, 2021

A second separate account has been set-up to use and engage with external stakeholders.

PSNC’s Twitter account is aimed at a pharmacy audience, so in line with their public affairs strategy for the year PSNC have this month launched a second, separate account to use to engage with external stakeholders, including MPs, Peers, charities, media outlets, and other health organisations. The messaging on this account will be quite different from their main account, as its aim is to tell those external audiences about the value of community pharmacies.

@PharmacyEngland is now live and PSNC will shortly begin tweeting from it. Please note that this external account does not represent any brand change, it is simply an additional communications tool, and PSNC will continue to tweet as normal from @PSNCNews

Many of you have LPC Twitter accounts, so PSNC would be grateful if you could follow and engage with the account – e.g. tagging it when you tweet about MP visits, retweeting them and directing it at your local MPs etc…

For any queries with this, please contact:

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