NHS Flu vaccination service 2018

NHS Flu vaccination service 2018

September 7, 2018

The NHS Flu service starts on the 1st September 2018

Please ensure you are undertaking training and  preparing or the 2018-19 Flu vaccination season which starts on September 1st 2018

PSNC briefing : PSNC-Briefing-042.18-Guidance-on-the-Seasonal-Influenza-Vaccination-Advanced-Service-2018-19

All information is now available at;  http://psnc.org.uk/services-commissioning/advanced-services/flu-vaccination-service/flu-vaccination-service-spec-and-pgd/

Key Resources



Service specification




PSNC flu vaccination briefing (please print and download)




Secretary of state directions




PGD – please read and download)




PHE resources for health promotion  (please register for free to access pdfs or ordering materials)





Stay well in winter campaign resources (register for free to access resources)




Who should have flu vaccination booklet for patients ( can order hard copies)




Declaration of competence




Changes to the service 2018-19

1.The fee for the service will increase to £7.98 per administered dose plus an additional fee of £1.50 per vaccination, making the total payment £9.48.

2.Contractors can now administer vaccinations in patients’ homes ( where the pharmacy has an existing relationship with the patient  (e.g. pharmacy services have previously been provide to the patient) or from a long stay care home or long stay residential facility to vaccinate a resident/patient in the home/facility).

Before undertaking off-site vaccinations, a contractor must submit a completed copy of the notification of intent to provide nhs flu vaccinations ( which is within annex C of the service specification to the local NHS england team. Acknowledgement of receipt is not required however I would advise all contractors to keep records of notification of intent to NHSE local team for record keeping and audit.

3.Pharmacists need only undertake face-to-face training for the service every three years (this is an extension from the previous requirement for training every two years).

4.The requirement for contractors to register to offer the service with NHS BSA has been removed.

5.Payment claims from pharmacies can now be made electronically.

6.Please see the eligible groups and order of priority in the attached PSNC briefing

7.claims for payment can be made electronically using the webform or paper claim must all contractors must make a claim every calendar month. The link to the claim form will be sent to nhsmail accounts monthly. The paper version is not available to download and print at this time but will be made available in due course.

6.please ensure you meet all the requirements and relevant SOP’s In place as per the PSNC briefing

Further Guidance on stock and supply issues  and ensuring patients receive vaccinations according to the national guidance

Information on what to do if aTIV is not available

A PSNC Briefing issued on Monday 17th September, explains what pharmacy contractors should do if they have no aTIV available, either temporarily or because they have been unable to obtain any aTIV for the 2018/19 flu season:

PSNC Briefing 050/18: Flu Vaccination Service 2018/19: Adjuvanted trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine (aTIV)

PSNC has produced a new leaflet for pharmacy teams to give to patients when they are advising patients aged 65 years or over on the need to come back to the pharmacy at a later date for a flu vaccination if the pharmacy has temporarily run out of stock of the recommended vaccine:

Patient leaflet: When patients are asked to return to the pharmacy for aTIV

Flu vaccine orders for 2019/2020 (new)

PSNC published a news story on 26th October 2018 to highlight advice issued by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation regarding the 2019/2020 flu season.



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