PharmOutcomes Operational Status Reporting

PharmOutcomes Operational Status Reporting

March 30, 2020

All pharmacies are requested to complete their operational status on PharmOutcomes every day during the COVID-19 pandemic period.

This has now been accredited to every pharmacy in England.

The information completed each day on this report will be invaluable for those signposting patients to pharmaceutical services.

A guide has been produced which explains how the template works (see below).

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What does it do?

The template allows pharmacies to rate their operational status against a simple traffic light system – RED, AMBER, GREEN.

  • If the pharmacy team declare an AMBER status they can record the issues they have such as stock shortage issues, staff issues, surgery closures etc. They can also record any planned closures in line with the recently published COVID 19 SOP that was made available over the weekend. This provides CPSC and Head Office (for multiples) with sight of service availability and reported problems or challenges across our area.
  • If the pharmacy declares a RED status, then by completing the template, a closure notice is automatically popualted that can be sent to the NHS England Regional Team as required for closing a pharmacy (see below for a copy of this form for your information).

The form has been modelled on Annex 14 of the pharmacy manual – “Notification of temporary unplanned suspension of service” and so will provide all required information. Additionally, the template supports the pharmacy team with information that should be considered if they are closing, such as informing GPs, daily pick-up patients, methadone clients, local agencies, placing a notice in the door, notifying NHS England and DOS team.

Action Required by all pharmacies:

A dedicated commissioning area has been set up for every LPC to enable a view of reported pharmacy status as far as operational capability is concerned (this is most useful in understanding each locations situation on the ground quickly.)


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