PQS Evidence checklist update

PQS Evidence checklist update

November 23, 2020

LLR LPC and PSNC have published a range of guidance and resources for LPCs and Contractors.

Full details for the PQS – Part 2 published by NHS England and NHS Improvement were shared on the LLR LPC website in the following LLR LPC News article on 31st August:

In this article there are links to further information about PQS and specifically the Part 2 domains. There has since been further updates by PSNC including more resources and a newly published checklist.

LLR LPC would like to clarify that although the PSNC checklist provides many useful ‘suggested’ examples of suitable evidence, they are not compulsory for any pharmacy to complete.

LLR LPC recommends using the following ‘PQS home page’ on the LLR LPC website as a source for all useful documents:


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