quality payments february 2019 claim point

quality payments february 2019 claim point

December 3, 2018

as of 3rd December 2018; PSNC have produced a number of key updates;

these have been summarised in the following document produced by LLRLPC

Quality Payment summary February 2019 claim point LLRLPC

NHSE have now published guidance for the February 2018 claim point

quality-payment-guidance-february-2019-v1 NHSE

the link to the PSNC QPS hub page is; ( please check regularly or sign up to psnc news alerts to keep up to date)


the complete update was sent via email to all contractors on 3.12.2018 – please email admin@leics-lpc.co.uk if you have not received a copy



latest news January 2019

  1. check the BSA website for to check your qps validation status : https://psnc.org.uk/our-news/quality-payments-updated-gateway-criteria-report-now-available-on-nhs-bsa-website-2/
  2. check your nhs mail status ( PSNC briefing available and check the BSA status weekly https://psnc.org.uk/our-news/quality-payments-nhsmail-gateway-criterion/
  3. Ensure you update all three sections of the NHS website to meet the QPS https://psnc.org.uk/our-news/quality-payments-have-you-updated-your-nhs-website-profile/
  4. delay in receiving the WES gateway criterion email from the BSA https://psnc.org.uk/our-news/quality-payments-delay-in-receiving-the-wes-gateway-criterion-email/


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