Rollout of EPS Phase 4 for SystmOne and EMIS prescribers

Rollout of EPS Phase 4 for SystmOne and EMIS prescribers

August 17, 2020

NHS Digital is supporting rollout of EPS Phase 4 to many more practices to support patients in getting their medicines in preparation for the forthcoming busy winter season.

Under Phase 4 electronic prescriptions become the default, thereby reducing the amount of paperwork generated and making the process more COVID-safe.

All TPP SystmOne and EMIS Web practices that use EPS (including dispensing practices) are due to go live automatically in Leicestershire and Rutland from 7th September 2020.

As more GP practices go live with Phase 4 over the coming weeks, pharmacy teams will see the majority of hand-signed FP10s replaced by Phase 4 tokens.

Whilst Phase 4 does not require patients to nominate a pharmacy, using EPS with a nomination is still the preferred and most efficient option, so it is recommended that pharmacy teams continue to encourage their patients to nominate a pharmacy.

Learn more about the Phase 4 rollout and learn tips for processing EPS Phase 4 during the pandemic on the following PSNC website page:


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