UPDATE: Ordering flu vaccines for 2021-22 season

UPDATE: Ordering flu vaccines for 2021-22 season

March 29, 2021

Increased cohort of people confirmed as included for the 2021-22 flu season. Do you need to review your order for stock?

NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) have now confirmed that people aged 50 to 64 year olds are an eligible cohort for the 2021/22 flu season.

The flu reimbursement letter has now been updated to reflect the inclusion and has been republished.

Action to consider:

  • You may wish to review and update order volumes to take account of the likely increased demand expected next year, but the advise is to read the updated flu reimbursement letter for more information…. (see update below)

UPDATE: April 2021

  • The letter was re-published on 1st April: It states: “Community pharmacies should plan their ordering on the basis of meeting at least the numbers of vaccinations they achieved during the 2020/21 season. Community pharmacy are expected to play a strong role in vaccinating the 50 to 64 year old cohorts to ensure the availability of general practice capacity to continue their focus on flu and COVID vaccination of the most vulnerable clinical cohorts.”
  • NHS vaccine ordering for 2021-22 influenza season 2021.04.pdf

It is important that all contractors that provide the Flu Vaccination Service review the contents of the letter (above) and use the information contained within to inform their ordering of flu vaccine for the season ahead.


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