URGENT End of Life Medicines and antibiotics stock queries

URGENT End of Life Medicines and antibiotics stock queries

December 7, 2020

PharmOutcomes – access to Palliative Care medicines and specialist IV antibiotics stockholding information.

The LLR CCGs medicines optimisation team have created a new service tool with the help of PharmOutcomes which will enable community  pharmacy colleagues to view the stocks of end of life palliative care medication and specialised medicines (IV antibiotics Teicoplanin, Ertepenim, Fosfomycin and Pivmecillinam) at the LLR community pharmacies signed up to the Community Based Service (CBS) to hold stock using the website PharmOutcomes.

This is designed for use in situations where a patient requires the medication urgently; most likely evenings or weekends when GP practices are closed, so that pharmacies don’t have to ring around neighbouring pharmacies to find out who has stock. This will also help prevent the need for patients or carers in these situations having to contact several pharmacies for this type of urgent medication.

Pharmacists can access the website directly using the following link:

A user guide (see below)has also been published for your convenience:

Log on details to access information:

nb: Please don’t change the password as everyone has the same password.

If you’ve forgotten or lost the password or have any other queries, please contact the medicines optimisation team at MedicinesOptimisationTeam@LeicesterCityCCG.nhs.uk who will be happy to help

GPs will also be able to access to this information.


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