CPPE MUR programme and assessment

Update: 12th October 2020



Small changes to the requirements for the MUR service were announced on 1st September 2020. The requirement for written consent from the patient was removed and replaced with verbal consent and documentation in the pharmacy’s clinical record for the service. Details of this are available on the following PSNC website page:

The CPPE MUR assessment was also temporarily made unavailable so that it could be reviewed and updated in line with these changes. The review and update is now complete and the assessment is live again on the CPPE website.

To take a fair approach and support people who have been unable to access the assessment during the this absence, CPPE have reset the 49 day limit to access the assessment for everyone who is part way through the assessment.

The MUR service will stop in March 2021, so the CPPE longer term plan is to make the MUR assessment available for booking (fee applies) until the end of December 2020 only and leave the assessment open until the end of March 2021 to allow completion.

CPPE will make sure this message is clear to everyone currently working through the assessment and those who purchase it from now until December.

NMS update:

Some employers have continued asking for new pharmacists to complete the MUR assessment, but this is not needed now. As a reminder, it is worth noting that the NHS commissioned advanced service: ‘New Medicine Service (NMS)’ can now be undertaken without the need for MUR certification going forward