VirtualOutcomes: A free eLearning resource platform for all LLR LPC pharmacy teams


To all Pharmacists and Pharmacy teams



As part of our on-going programme of training, the LPC has invested in an on-line training solution for all pharmacies – free to access for all pharmacists and pharmacy teams.

The courses are designed to support the NHS Public Health Campaigns and Healthy Living Pharmacy Champions and team to ensure the best outcomes for patients.  The training is provided by VirtualOutcomes and is a monthly on-line training course that can be accessed at any time.  The courses are free to all contractors and their teams.

On the 1st of each month a new course will become available and can be accessed at work or at home via a PC, tablet or mobile device.  All your team needs to do to access each training module is to use the ‘F Code’ of their pharmacy and they will be able to see and access the courses available.

Features & Benefits of the Online Training:

*** Access is FREE to all contractors in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland ***

  • Each course takes 15-25 minutes to complete (usually under 15 minutes)
  • Each person receives a certificate of completion after each module is successfully finished (this can be added to your Healthy Living Pharmacy and/or GPhC file as evidence of continued staff training)
  • Their are links to useful websites for resources to support the campaigns on the website, which are easy to access
  • Hints and Tips each month are provided on how to set up your HLP Health Living Zone
  • All new staff will be able to access ALL the courses available at any time
  • Resources for Health Campaigns (You can also use the resources pages to download information and links provided to set up health promotion zones, saving you a lot of time trying to find resources and money in terms of staff training)

We understand that it can be difficult to release pharmacy staff to attend training. It’s really important to maintain your HLP portfolio and evidence up to date, so by using VirtualOutcomes your team will both achieve their required training and development each month and have the knowledge to keep their ‘healthy living zone’ up to date. The generation of a certificate once each self-assessment module is completed provides simple evidence of training for all your team.

Watch out for the first topics available, which are Bowel Cancer, Obesity and Children’s Health

Please click the following links for further information:

We hope that you will make use of this online e-learning platform which will help us decide whether to continue our investment with this next year. Your feedback is important to help develop the courses so please let us know what you think.

Updated 31/01/2020