About LPCs

About LPCs

The local organisation for community pharmacy is the Local Pharmaceutical Committee (LPC). The LPC is the focus for all community pharmacists and community pharmacy owners and is an independent and representative group. The LPC works locally with NHS England Area Teams, CCGs, Local Authorities and other healthcare professionals to help plan healthcare services.

The LPC negotiates and discusses pharmacy services with commissioners and is available to give advice to community pharmacy contractors and others wanting to know more about local pharmacy. LPCs liaise closely with their medical equivalent the Local Medical Committee so that GPs and pharmacists can work together to deliver services to patients. LPCs also work closely with local dental committees and local optical committees.  To find out more about your LPC or to discuss how, as a pharmacist, you may be able to assist or join an LPC, contact lpcsupport@psnc.org.uk

There are around 70 LPCs throughout England. For more information on your LPC including contact details, please visit LPC Online.

Ever thought of becoming an LPC member?

LPC members are at the heart of local community pharmacy planning and in a position to make policies and decisions to benefit contractors. They also have opportunities to make representations at a national level on behalf of the contractors they represent.

If that sounds like something you wish to be a part of, then please read our guide to find out more:

A guide for prospective LPC members

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