Local Pharmacy Organisation Support Services (LPOSS) prospectus

Local Pharmacy Organisation Support Services (LPOSS) prospectus

In response to the changing demands and increasing challenges LPCs are facing in the reformed NHS environment, PSNC has been working with LPCs to ensure that the support we offer meets their needs and the result is our Local Pharmacy Organisation Support Services (LPOSS) prospectus.

LPOSS brings together our existing resources with updated services and a range of new support options for LPCs. The prospectus is integrated with PSNC’s website making it easier for LPCs to navigate and access the full range of PSNC support services.

To make LPOSS as accessible as possible, we have split the services we offer into 6 key areas:

  • Core services
  • Local Commissioning Support
  • Business Services
  • Specialist Advice
  • Training
  • PSNC Events

Within each service area in the prospectus, LPCs will find details of the PSNC support available to them along with links to the relevant PSNC resources and external websites. The resources range from downloadable template documents and presentations and specialist information and advice, to practical training days and contacts for providers of other professional services.

Some of the most recently added resources and services include the new templates for LPC portal websites, refreshed PSNC email newsletters and briefings and of course the latest PSNC Events and Training.

The LPOSS prospectus will be a continually evolving source of information as our resources, training events and services are developed and more support is added, making it a hub for LPC support.

You can read PSNC’s LPOSS prospectus online using the flipbook below – just click on the arrows to turn the pages and use the full screen mode to for best viewing. Alternatively click here to download a PDF version.

LPCs can download a copy to print for hard copy reference but are advised to check the latest version on this page regularly as the information will be updated on an on-going basis.

We have designed LPOSS following consultation with LPCs about the support they would like, including via the LPC survey we ran earlier this year, and we hope LPCs will find that the support on offer meets their needs. However, if there are gaps in services or resources please let us know and we will see what we can do to help: contact Mike King, Head of LPC and Contractor Support with your feedback on LPOSS and any additional support needs.

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