NHS England Pharmacy Payments – South London Community Pharmacies


All the Pharmaceutical Enhanced Services commissioned by NHS England will now be paid through NHS BSA. You will no longer be paid through invoicing and then cheques. Each of the services commissioned by NHS England from pharmacies have been be issued a local scheme payment code.  Please see below the list of pharmaceutical enhanced services and their assigned local scheme payment codes.


NHSE Services and their Local Scheme codes in line with all other areas in South London
SERVICES South London Local Scheme Codes
Minor Ailment 1
Palliative Care 7
Medincine Optimation Service 8
Adjustments/NHSE Authorisation 13
Health Promotion 14
Seasonal Flu 15
LPS Locally Commissioned Enhanced Services 6
ETP PPD Payment Scheme
LPS PPD Payment Scheme
High Cost (Advance Payment) PPD Payment Scheme
Additional Rota Service PPD Payment Scheme
Pre Reg Trainee PPD Payment Scheme
Top-Up Payment PPD Payment Scheme
MUR PPD Payment Scheme
NMS PPD Payment Scheme


Any of these payments made to you will be reflected on your monthly statements from the BSA.

If you have any payment queries with regards to any of the services listed in the attached list, please do not hesitate to send your queries to england.lon-pharmacy@nhs.net

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