Training requirements and resources for COVID-19 vaccinations

Published on: 1st July 2022 | Updated on: 1st July 2022

The content of vaccination training

The National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training for Registered Healthcare Practitioners sets the standards and lists the essential topics which should be incorporated into immunisation training for registered healthcare practitioners. Pharmacists who will provide the COVID-19 Vaccination Service must have completed practical training in vaccination that meets these requirements.

There are several organisations offering training and support for the provision of vaccination services and contact details can be found below.

Training requirements

A COVID-19 vaccination training slide set, e-learning programme, vaccinator training requirements and a vaccinator competency assessment tool have also been published and they can be accessed from the following GOV.UK hub page:

GOV.UK COVID-19 vaccination programme hub page

Vaccinations must be administered by an appropriately trained member of staff authorised under an appropriate legal mechanism. Contractors will be expected to oversee and keep a record to confirm that all staff have undertaken training prior to participating in the administration of vaccinations. This includes any additional training associated with new vaccines that become available during the period of the service.

All persons involved in the preparation of vaccine must be appropriately trained in this and have appropriate workspace to do so. This process may vary dependent upon the vaccine in use and may include dilution using standard aseptic technique and drawing up of multi-dose vials.

All persons involved in the administration of the vaccine must have:

  • Completed the additional online COVID-19 specific training modules available on the e-learning for healthcare website when available;
  • The necessary experience, skills and training to administer vaccines in general, including completion of the general immunisation training available on e-learning for healthcare and face-to-face administration training, where relevant;
  • The necessary experience, skills and training, including training with regard to the recognition and initial treatment of anaphylaxis; and
  • Where a healthcare professional is administering the vaccine, they must have:
    • Read and understood the clinical guidance available and ensure they keep up to date with new and stay updated guidance as it is published; and
    • Understood and be familiar with the Patient Group Directions and/or the national protocol for the COVID-19 vaccines, including guidance on who can use them.
  • Where any other persons are administering the vaccine, they must be familiar with, understand and act within the scope of the national protocol for the COVID-19 vaccines.

Contractors must ensure that staff are familiar with all guidance relating to the administration of the different types of vaccine and are capable of the provision of vaccinations using the different types of vaccine.

Training providers

There are a number of organisations that provide vaccination training for pharmacists and those that PSNC has been made aware of are listed below for information (listing on this website does not constitute endorsement of the course or provider by PSNC):

AAH Pharmaceuticals   (Account required)


Buttercups Training Ltd

Charles Bloe Training Ltd

ECG Training

Face to Face & Virtual – Health Academy

Global Health Medical

Health and Safety Group

Immunisations UK

Numark  (Members only)

Rx Advisor Ltd

Sonar Informatics


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