Funded Emergency Supplies


The purpose of the Community Pharmacy Emergency Supply Service is to ensure that patients can access an urgent supply of their regular prescription medicines where they are unable to obtain a prescription before they need to take their next dose. The service may be needed because the patient has run out of a medicine, or because they have lost or damaged their medicines, or because they have left home without them. The aim of this service is to relieve pressure on urgent and emergency care services.

In an emergency, a pharmacist can supply prescription only medicines (POMs) to a patient (who has previously been prescribed the requested POM) without a prescription at the request of the patient. This transaction is governed by the Regulation 225 of the Human Medicines Regulations 2012

This service allows the supply of a medicine, at NHS expense, where the pharmacist deems that the patient has immediate need for the medicine. This service does not extend existing or infer new powers of supply: that is to say if you could not make the supply under the regulations you cannot make the supply under this service .

This service will be available to all patients registered with a GP within the UK. i.e. no geographical restriction in the UK.
The decision to supply (or not) rests solely with the Pharmacist.

Supplies can only be made (and funded) in circumstances where the pharmacist believes that there is an “immediate need for the prescription only medicine to be sold or supplied and that it is impracticable in the circumstances to obtain a prescription without undue delay” * (reasons should be documented on PMR).


1) Log onto PharmOutcomes
2) Go to “Services” >“Out of Hours Emergency Supply”
3) From the links on the left, read the Emergency Supply Service Guidance and professional guidance carefully.
4) Type your name into the “Enroll Me” box & Choose “New Practitioner”
5) Enter your name and GPhC registration details, and confirm you have read the above information
6) Click “Enroll”

The service delivery template will then become available from the services tab (you may have to log out and then in again after enrollment).

To be eligible for this service the patient must consent to share information about the supply with their GP. This is clearly to highlight issues and potential abuse of the system. The system will send a notification electronically if an email address is available for the GP surgery otherwise you should print off the GP notification via PharmOutcomes and send off by traditional means.

An exemption declaration can be found here: exemption form and also on the left side of the PharmOutcomes form.
We would urge you to log supplies on the system at the time of supply or very soon afterwards. Those familiar with the system will know that once activity is logged there is no further action needed to make a claim- the Commissioner will “pull” data and process payments as per the SLA. Details of the remuneration are supplied in the SLA.

If you have any queries about this service, please contact the LPC for help:


An invoice will be automatically generated at the end of each calendar month.

Your payments will appear as LS9 on your statement from the Business Service Authority.