Sexual Health Service

Pharmacies in Norfolk are able to offer the following sexual health services:Just Ask

  • C Card– free (13-24 year olds) condom collection and C Card Lite joining up 16-24 year olds ( Joining up 13-15 year olds optional) conttract with NCC to do so.
  • Free Chlamydia Screening (15-24 year olds)
  • Free Chlamydia Treatment (for positive patients and thier partners)
  • Free Emergency Hormonal Contraception (for any woman in Norfolk)
  • Signposting

To sign your pharmacy up to the sexual health enhanced service please contact Public Health Norfolk.

Reporting of all service delivery is through PharmOutcomes. C-Card and Chlamydia testing kits are managed by the Terrence Higgins Trust:

Terrence Higgins Trust
1a Oak Street
Norwich. NR3 3AE


THT main admin line: 01603 226666  Website:

The Terrence Higgins Trust announces the arrival of a new young people’s sexual health website for young people, covering much of the East of England and of course including Norfolk.

Young people can use this website to check where they can get and use C Cards and chlamydia testing, many of these places being pharmacies. You can use the website too, both to check what it says your own pharmacy offers is accurate, and use it to signpost young people who may want Under 16 C Cards to a C Card Point if you can’t provide cards to this age group, or have run out of stock.  Remember that if you have run out of stock or think you soon will, you can order on PharmOutcomes but you must have returned a Partnership Agreement and evidence (monthly data, also submitted on Pharmoutcomes ) that you are an active site.  If you aren’t providing a sexual health service which includes chlamydia screening and C card, contact THT Norfolk or visit the Norfolk LPC website for more information about how to get started.


Training for C-Card U16’s, and Chlamydia screening can be delivered at your pharmacy premises by contacting the Terrence Higgins Trust (details above)

To cover the requirements of supplying EHC and Chlamydia treatment in your pharmacy; CPPE provides a Sexual Health distance Learning module and assessment as well as a PGD distance learning module

You must ensure all staff know who the named safeguarding lead is.

Click here for Norfolk’s Multidisciplinary Safeguarding Information

A copy of the Fraser Guidelines can also be saved and printed for use during consultations.

You may also wish to read Spotting The Signs National Proforma as part of your CPD


PGDs (Valid from 1st June 2019)

Please Note: it is an individual pharmacist’s responsibility to ensure that the PGD in use is up to date and that the pharmacy is acting within their contract for sexual health services. The PGDs below are valid until the dates stated on the documents and should not be used beyond those dates. If you are in any doubt about using a PGD correctly please contact Public Health.

The PGDs below along with this PGD Update Letter june 2019 were sent out to pharmacies via Pharmoutcomes.

PGD136 Doxcycline for Asymptomatic Chlamydia June 2019 signed pgd_

levonorgestrel Final Version Dec 2016 v0.3_signed

UPDATE March 2017:

There are rising levels of azithromycin resistance in Chlamydia. Currently BASHH (2015) guidelines have not yet been updated and still recommend both azithromycin and doxycycline.

Interim guidance for Pharmacists for resistant azithromycin: if you suspect a patient is likely to be non-compliant with 7 days of doxycycline then still use azithromycin however if following consultation it can established that the patient will highly likely to comply then use doxycycline.

NICE CKS management states to use doxycycline first line if evidence of rectal infection (assuming this information is passed on to pharmacists by those referring to pharmacy for treatment).

NICE guidance

Norfolk Chlamydia Screening Programme Handbook V8 July 2019


All resources for the new C Card Scheme can be ordered via PharmOutcomes. The order will go through to the Terrence Higgins Trust who will check your pharmacy data return record and supply the stock.

Please note that before ordering new C Card resources, the Terrence Higgins Trust must have received a completed Partnership Agreement form for your pharmacy which will be used to update the new Young and Free website. This will signpost young people to local C Card and chlamydia screening services and has replaced

  • Please note that you must report your C Card Joining and Collection data at the end of every month, including zero activity, to receive more stock. Data is currently submitted via PharmOutcomes – keeping a paper data collection form ( see document below) to keep track of visits before submitting the information is advised.

Leaflets and other promotional resources can also be ordered from the Health Information leaflet service


The new C-Card Scheme is simple….

This is a new Under 16 C card:                  This is a new 16-24 C card:


Order sexual health resources, including C-Cards, C-Card condoms or chlamydia screening kits via PharmOutcomes.

To receive C-Card resources: your pharmacy must have returned a Partner Organisation Agreement (POA) and be committed to the return of regular monthly C-Card activity data ( THT will check for recent data and place an order that is placed without it on hold).   Data return and ordering is done via PharmOutcomes.


Resources available for the service are listed below.

Norfolk C-Card Handbook V2 November 2020

C-Card Joining Prompt Sheet (Under 16s) May 2019

C-Card Scheme Latex Allergy Questionnaire May 2019

C-Card Partner Org. Agreement Form June 2020

Pharmacy C Card Monthly Activity Sheet December 2019

DBS Checking

It is a requirement for all staff who conduct private consultations as part of the Sexual Health service to ensure that they have a valid DBS check in place. This includes joining up a 13-15 year old to the C Card Scheme, chlamydia treatment, Emergency Hormonal Contraception and other necessary conversations in the consulting room regarding the primary care service but does NOT apply to joining up 16-24 year olds who want a C Card Lite over the counter or again to any C card holder collecting condoms from the counter.

Staff can obtain a DBS check through their company if procedures are already in place, or through Norfolk County council by following the DBS for Pharmacies guidance issued by Public Health Norfolk. Please ensure that you have all the required documents before calling to arrange your appointment.

Staff who already have a valid DBS check in place should ensure that their employer confirms this in writing to

The employer must ensure that temporary or locum staff have a valid DBS check in place before offering a one to one service under the Primary Care Contract  under the Sexual Health contract.

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