Electronic Repeat Dispensing & Electronic Prescription Service

188The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) allows prescribers, such as GPs and Nurses, to send prescriptions electronically to the pharmacy of the patients choice. The aim of the system is to make prescribing and dispensing faster and more convenient for both patients and staff.

Now that all Pharmacies are Live with EPS across Norfolk we are now looking to progress with Electronic Repat Dispensing.



Norfolk LPC will be working with GP surgeries, NHS Digital and NEL CSU to roll out eRD across Norfolk. NHS Digital have lots of helpful information about eRD and its workings on thier website

There are also other support materials available and should be looked at to support with eRD within the pharmacies. However pharmacy staff should also contact line managers to see what support or training is available for the IT system within the pharmacy.

Maximising eRD webinar (NHS Digital)

eRD E-learning for dispensers 

Explaining eRD to Patients 

eRD pharmacy document – these questions must be asked to all patoents when handing out an eRD prescription.

EPS & eRD Presentation LPC – Norfolk LPC (link to NHS Digital eRD training for dispensers enclosed)

eRD Presentation Why eRD – LPC Chief Officer



For any further support on eRD please contact Charlotte Bowles