EPS Resources

Please find below some useful guides and templates to help you migrate to EPS release 2:

Who can prescribe what 

Pharmacy checklist

Nomination Guidance PDF

Dont Wait Nominate Factsheet

Pharmacy fact Sheet for Dispensing EPS

Pharmacy reimbursement fact sheet

Cancellation fact sheet for pharmacies

Role needed for dispensers to be able to complete all duties

Prescription tracker guide

Pharmacy template for returned or ND prescriptions

DM+D help

EPS Prescription Cycle Help Sheet

What Is a Kick Off Meeting

What Is A Business Change Meeting

What To Expect On Surgery Go Live Day


We have now held EPS events across all CCG areas of Norfolk regarding EPS and what support is available. The most recent and last event was at Aylsham Lodge on 20th September and copies of the presentations can be found below.

Norfolk LPC EPS September 2016

NHS Digital EPS September 2016

NNCCG EPS September 2016

ETP Tokens – these are ordered through the PCSE website, all pharmacies should register well in advance of needing tokens and allow 10 days for orders to be delivered. Orders run on a weekly planned scheduled however urgent orders can be placed if necessary.