Healthy Living Pharmacy


Norfolk LPC is a pro-active supporter of the Healthy Living Pharmacy accreditation.


Following our first round of training in 2012 we were pleased to have supported pharmacies in Norfolk to work towards accreditation, and have provided training each year since.

Since Late 2014 -2016 we received funding from Public Health Norfolk to provide free training for Health Champions and other pharmacy staff in completing the RSPH level 2 award in Understanding Health Improvement.

2016 saw the launch of the National Accreditation Standards, developed by Public Health England, giving all pharmacies the chance to be recognized nationally for their high quality health promotion. These standards are linked to the RSPH professional standards and will be  backed up by a Quality Assurance body and process.

Since 2017 we have provided training to Pharmacies to support the Quality Payment Scheme funded from LPC resources and a grant from Heallth Education England (2017).

At the June 2018 Quality Payment point 90% of Norfolk Pharmacies declared that they had achived HLP accreditation.

Training for the RSPH level 2 award, which is required by Health Champions has been provided to pharmacies since 2012, initially by Norfolk Public Health then by the LPC Training details are available here.


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