Summary Care Records

If you are preparing your pharmacy for SCR then please see the below process and links to help you with implemenation.

Please see attached SCR update September 2016.

The first essential step is that all pharmacies must attend a face to face briefing event, as set out by Health and Social Care Information Centre’s (HSCIC) process steps for SCR rollout in pharmacies. Not all pharmacy staff need attend, only ONE representative from each pharmacy who will be the implementation lead for the pharmacy; they can be either a pharmacist, registered pharmacy technician or other permanent employed team member.  Multiple attendees from a pharmacy will only be accepted if space permits. Book SCR training 2016.

What to do next?

Once face to face training has been completed; 

  1. Nominate your SCR users and Privacy Officers.
  1. Each SCR user will need to complete their CPPE eLearning and assessment.
  1. Update your Standard Operating Procedures.  Here is a SOP Template if you wish to use it.
  1. Complete the Acceptable User Agreement
  1. Check your computer is ready for SCR by checking the PC requirements
  1. If you wish to register your Privacy Officer for training please contact SCR.Pharmacy@nelcsu.nhs.u


If you have any questions or problems, please contact us on


For further information about SCR, please read the SCR factsheet link below: