Pharmacy Governance

Pharmacies in Norfolk are monitored and advised by the East Anglia Area Team, which is divided between several contract managers.

Contractual submissions such as patient survey results and complaint reports should be sent to the area team at:

Services, previously handled by serco, such as 100hr monitoring, are now the responsibility of NHSE. The 100hr monitoring form has been updated, and should be submitted within 7 days of the month end – 100hr monitoring form

Capita are now providing PCSE and market entry services on behalf of NHS England (NHSE).

Information about Bank Holidays and resources guide for Pharmacies in East Anglia can be found here


CD Accountable Officer

NHS England appoint an “Accountable Officer” to oversee issues around controlled drugs. This is usually a senior Medical Director. All incidents and concerns involving CDs should be reported online via the CD reporting portal. Further information can be found on the CD and serious incident reporting page.

For Norfolk, the CD Accountable Officer has sub-commissioned NELCSU to handle the less-serious incidents and provide advice around CDs etc. Our local contacts are Oliver Jones ( and Françoise Price ( Oliver and Françoise are always happy to answer queries and discuss concerns pharmacists or their teams have.