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 CHAIR Carolynne Freeman AIMp (Jardines UK) Carolynne Declaration of Interests
VICE CHAIR Vacancy    
TREASURER Amrit Minhas AIMp (Knights) Amrit Minhas Code of Conduct Amrit Minhas Confidentiality Agreement
Member Raju Malde Independent (Odessey Pharmacy, Kettering)  Raju Malde – Declaration of Interest 050614
Member Anil Patel Independent (A N Patel, Kettering)  Anil Patel-Declaration of Interest (2)
Member Daljit Poone Independent (Balmoral Pharmacy, Northampton)  Daljit Poone – Declaration of Interest 050614
Member Kishor Shah Independent (Woodview Pharmacy, Northampton)  Kishor Shah – Declaration of Interest 050614
Member Veronica Horne CCA (Boots, Milton Keynes & Northants) Declaration of Interest VH
Member Matthew Armstrong CCA(Boots) Matthew Armstrong Confidentiality Agreement and Declarations
Member LakhminderFlora CCA (Boots) Lakhminder Flora Declaration of InterestsLakhminder Flora Confidentiality Agreement
Member Aimee Mulhern CCA (Lloyds) Aimee Mulhern Confidentiality Agreement Aimee Mulhern Declaration Interests
 Member  Amir Ismail  CCA (Lloyds) COC Declaration of Interests Amir Ismail
Member Hansa Bi CCA (Superdrug) Hansa Bi Code of Conduct Hansa Bi Confidentiality Agreement
Member Has Modi AIMp (Jardines, Milton Keynes)  Has Modi – Declaration of Interest 050614
Member Rishi Hindocha  Independent (Pharmacy Cherry, Rushden)  Rishi Hindocha- Declaration of Interest
CHIEF OFFICER Anne-Marie King chiefofficer@pharmacynorthamptonshire.co.uk tel 07889412690  AMKing Declaration Chief Officer Confidentiality agreement


 Contact the LPC via        chiefofficer@pharmacynorthamptonshire.co.uk