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Changes to your Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer

Following the integration of NHS England and NHS Improvement, the Central Midlands region has been reconfigured. Consequently, from 1st August 2019, the LIN currently comprising Milton Keynes, Nene and Corby is going to be split: Nene and Corby will remain with Bhavisha Pattani as CD Accountable Officer and will unite with the Leicestershire LIN whilst Milton Keynes will be aligned to the East of England NHS England and NHS Improvement area team where the responsible CD Accountable Officer will be Dr Sarah Rann.

Dr Rann can be contacted by email at and by phone on 0113 825 0770.

The timing of this re-organisation means that we would very much appreciate that you continue to submit any incidents which occur during Quarter 1 (April – June 2019) and Quarter 2 (July only) to the Central Midlands team but for Quarter 2 (August – September) these should go to the East of England team. We are hoping this transition will be seamless and that you will not have to amend any details on the online site at where the transfer will be managed by the administrators, but should you have any problems or queries, please contact a member of the Central Midlands team on 0113 8249614 or 0113 8248678.

 Any issues relating to  Controlled Drugs and medicines governance, pharmacy, and prescribing for Nene and Corby should be directed as previously to

 As before:

For telephone enquiries please use 0113 824 9614

Bhav Pattani is our CDAO for Nene and Corby:

Controlled Drugs / Pharmacy Team

NHS England and NHS Improvement – Midlands

T: 07730 381109 – 07730 381119


*Reporting of  incidents and requests for destructions should be inputted onto our on-line monitoring tool

This is the same for all areas.*

For further information on how to handle, dispense and submit CD prescriptions please see