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PQS 2020/21 Part 2 Infection Control/ AMS

September 17, 2020 We have had a number of contractor queries highlighting difficulty identifying local antibiotic formularies in relation to the PQS...

PQS 2020/21

July 13, 2020

PQS announced for first part of 2020/21 July 13, 2020 A new Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS) for the first part...

Flu Vaccination Service

July 13, 2020

For all Flu Vaccination FAQs and specification, PGD, training requirements and more please see

Smartcard multi-site access

July 13, 2020

COVID-19 update: Before and during the start of the COVID-19 2020 pandemic, PSNC supported NHS Digital’s work to look at...

Changes to CD Accountable Officer-MK

July 8, 2019

Changes to your Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer Following the integration of NHS England and NHS Improvement, the Central Midlands region...

Licensed Medicines

May 11, 2017

Licensed medicines Folic acid 5mg/5ml oral solution sugar free is now available as a licensed medicine from Colonis Pharma Ltd,...