LPC Meeting Minutes



 28th January 2015  Minutes approved 28th January 2015
26th March 2015 Minutes Approved 26th March
21st May 2015 Approved Minutes 21 May 2015 Approved Minutes 21st May 2015 signed
14th July 2015 4085 – 2014 Accounts Approved and accepted unanimously by the committee
14th July 2015 Minutes accepted from July 2015 signed page minutes July 2015
24th September 2015 September committee meeting minutes approved
30th September 2015 AGM 2015 accepted and signed minutes
26th November 2015 Committee Meeting Minutes Approved 26th November 2015





 The minutes of the meetings will appear

here when signed as an accurate account of the meeting

 21st January 2016  Signed Minutes January 21st 2016
 17th March 2016  Minutes signed March 2016
 19th May 2016  Minutes signed May 19th 2016
 14th July 2016  signed-minutes-july-14th-2016
 28th September 2016
 28th September 2016 AGM  treasurer-presentation  hlp-lpc-agm-september-2016 annual-report-2016 201603-final-accounts signed-minutes-september-28th-2016
 17TH November 2016  Signed Minutes November 17th 2016



The minutes will appear here when they have been signed as an accurate reflection of the meeting
 19th January 2017  Signed Minutes January 2017
 16th March 2017  LPC Minutes 16th March 2017 signed
 18th May 2017  Approved Minutes May 2017
 20th July 2017  July 2017 signed Minutes
 26th September 2017  LPC minutes signed Sep 2017
 26th September 2017 AGM  Annual Report 2016-17 copy PDF final accounts 2016-17
 16th November 2017  LPC Minutes 16th November 2017


LPC COMMITTEE MEETINGS 2018 The minutes will appear here when they have been signed as an accurate reflection of the meeting
18th January 2018 Committee meeting minutes 18 Jan 2018
 22nd March 2018  Minutes signed March 2018
17th May 2018 Signed Minutes May 2018
19th July 2018 Minutes 19th July signed
18th September 2018 Annual Report 2017-2018
18th September 2018 Minutes signed 18 September 2018
8th November 2018 Signed Minutes November 8th 2018


LPC COMMITTEE MEETINGS 2019 The minutes will appear here when they have been signed as an accurate relection of the meeting
January 17th 2019 Signed Minutes Jan’19
March 21st 2019 Signed minutes March 2019
May 9th 2019 Signed minutes May 2019