Medicines Optimisation (updated May 2018)

Stephanie Deane and Sue Marshall are Medicines Optimisation Technicians and are currently working in MK CCG to investigate and address the growing problem of medicines waste . Details of their work can be found in this link mkccg-new-medicine-optimisation-management-service

Please use this form to make referrals  medicine-management-referral-form

There is also an incentive scheme available (deadline for submissions March 2017) the details of which can be found in the link below.

We hope that you will welcome this opportunity and in recognition of your input, the CCG will pay a one off fee of £100 to pharmacies to attend one meeting with their neighbouring practice (or practice that generates the largest proportion of your prescription dispensing business).


Repeat_Prescription_Code_of_Practice September 2017 v 2

MKCCG list of cost effective choices May18