Supervised Consumption & Needle Exchange

This service requires the pharmacist to supervise the consumption of prescribed medicines at the point of dispensing in the pharmacy, ensuring that the dose has been administered to the patient. Pharmacies will provide access to sterile needles and syringes, and sharps containers for return of used equipment. Where agreed locally, associated materials, for example condoms, citric acid and swabs, to promote safe injecting practice and reduce transmission of infections by substance misusers will be provided. Used equipment is normally returned by the service user for safe disposal. Support and advice will be provided to the user, including referral to other health and social care professionals and specialist drug and alcohol treatment services where appropriate. The pharmacist will promote safe practice including advice on sexual health and STIs, HIV and Hepatitis C transmission and Hepatitis B immunisation. A user-friendly, non-judgmental, client-centred and confidential service will be provided, offering support and advice to the patient, including referral to primary care or specialist centres where appropriate. Examples of medicines which may have consumption supervised include methadone and other medicines used for the management of opiate dependence.

CONTRACT START: 1st April 2015

CONTRACT EXPIRY: 31st March 2016(will be reviewed for 2016/2017 by February 28th 2016)


A local agreement for Pharmacists in Northamptonshire for the provision of supervised consumption, delivered as part of structured treatment delivery, in partnership with CRI Northamptonshire.  This agreement outlines the specialised services that will be provided by pharmacies which will include the provision of supervision of consumption of substitute medication, the exchange of injection equipment, the provision of harm reduction advice, and signposting to specialist services.

Service Description

Pharmacies will be expected to provide to drug users in Northamptonshire the following elements:

  • Provision of harm reduction advice, information and support to any CRI client or client referred by CRI
  • Signpost clients to available local services covering drug services and general health needs
  • Supervision of the consumption of prescribed treatments for substance misuse as specified on the prescription

In delivering these elements, the pharmacies will:

  • Provide advice on harm reduction and safer practices to drug users
  • Increase engagement with local drug treatment services
  • Support clients to access support for general health needs
  • Liaise with CRI Recovery Workers managing client care
  • Reduce leakage of prescribed medication into local communities
  • Optimise compliance with treatment in accordance with intentions of the prescriber.

Service Requirements

Basic fundamental elements – the pharmacy will:

  • Pro-actively offer harm reduction advice to clients (verbally and supported by written information) and will record significant interventions or advice given
  • Maintain adequate stocks of advice leaflets and display them for easy access
  • Signpost clients proactively into local drug and or alcohol treatment services
  • Signpost clients proactively into other healthcare services
  • Liaise with CRI Recovery Workers managing the care of the client, within the agreed limits of patient confidentiality and always where risk factors are presenting to clients including notification of missed doses.

  Supervised consumption element – the pharmacy will:

  • Receive instalment prescriptions from the client for inclusion in the dispensing process, having been previously notified by the prescriber of the need for supervised consumption
  • Dispense the dose according to the operational protocol provided
  • Undertake supervision efficiently and discreetly
  • Withhold a dose and seek advice according to protocol
  • Maintain records of attendance for each client on a monthly log form and submit this in the approved format.


The pharmacy will:

  • Deliver all essential services to an adequate standard
  • Have a consulting room available that meets the requirements for Enhanced Services
  • Provide a copy of the certificate of completion of the CPPE course “Substance use & misuse 2011” (Booking Reference 39872) for the lead pharmacist in each site
  • Be responsible for ensuring pharmacy staff are adequately trained to deliver the service at all times
  • Notify CRI if the accredited pharmacist ceases to work at the pharmacy branch at the end of the month in which this happens
  • Notify CRI immediately if, due to staffing changes, no accredited professional is available to deliver the service
  • Submit evidence, in order to remain accredited, of how the pharmacist has maintained their CPD in the previous 12 months e.g. certificate of relevant course attendance, appropriate CPD entry, copy of any protocol developed or staff training undertaken
  • Sign and return the service specification agreeing to offer all elements of the service i.e. needle exchange and supervised consumption element

 Activity for submission to Northamptonshire County Council

  • All claims should be submitted monthly using the Webstar system
  • At the end of each month, all monitoring forms must be sent to CRI, Spring House, 39 Billing Road, Northampton, NN1 5BA
  • The pharmacy shall also include the total number of contacts to claim via the Webstar system and upload to the system for monthly invoice submission to CRI
  • Any queries relating to the claim should be sent to


  • The pharmacy will co-operate with any audit of the service by the commissioners to provide evidence that advice and signposting has been offered and to demonstrate quality according to agreed indicators
  • CRI reserves the right to enter any pharmacy practice to access all relevant records at any time for audit purposes
  • The audit will check the adequacy of controls, the integrity and reliability of information for billing in the area under review
  • Practices will be given one week’s notice of attendance and will be required to make the necessary records available
  • Each auditor will have appropriate authority from CRI to carry out this review but will at all times during the auditing process, treat all/any records viewed in confidence
  • Appropriate identification will be provided by each appointed auditor before commencing their review


CONTRACT – Drug Misuse Needle Exchange FINAL Drug Misuse Pharmacy Needle Exchange Contract 2015
 CONTRACT – Drug Misuse Supervised Consumption FINAL Drug Misuse Pharmacy Supervised Consumption 2015-2016

 Pharmacy information additional document


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