Gluten Free Contract

Gluten Free Food Supply

This Service is for the supply of gluten free foods to patients with gluten enteropathy or dermatitis herpetiformis who are referred by a doctor or dietitian. The specification is designed to cover the locally enhanced aspects of clinical care of the patient, all of which are beyond the scope of Essential Services. Please  note that if you are not already signed up to the service you will not be able to apply. Unfortunately NHSE has no budget to offer the service to new applicants.

Please note that there will be changes in year to the availability of gluten free (GF) foods that can be prescribed in primary care.

Following consultation undertaken by the Department of Health & Social Care (DHSC). This means that GF foods from the following categories will no longer be available for prescribing once the changes have been made to the drug tariff (From 4th December 2018); biscuits, cereals, cooking aids, grains/flours and pasta. NHS England notified pharmacies of the changes 30/11/18).


Please see PSNC Website for further details:


Please can you sign and return the service specification. NHS England will counter sign and return a copy for you records.


This Service must be delivered by a Pharmacist or Qualified Dispenser.

Gluten free LES Contract 2018-2019


List of Gluten Free Breads and Mixes.pdf

Patient leaflet – 2018-19 adult – Updated Dec 18.pdf

Patient leaflet – 2018-19 child – Updated Dec 18.pdf