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Tablet Press 2018

Tablet Press January 18 TP newsletter
 Tablet Press  March 18 TP newsletter
 Tablet Press  April TP newsletter
NPAG Bullets NPAG bullets from April 18th 2018
 Tablet Press Extra Hayfever  TPX Hay Fever 2018
 Tablet Press  139 May TP newsletter
Tablet Press June TP newsletter
Tablet Press Extra Midazolam Midazolam TP Extra Update final June 2018 MG
Tablet Press Extra Freestyle Libre FSL update TP Extra
Tablet Press TP 147 Dec 18

Tablet Press 2019

Hayfever Extra Tablet Press Extra Hay fever OTC March 2019
Oral Nutritional Spplements TPX ONS Update Apr19
Antibiotics Antibiotic update May 2019 Part 2 TP extra final

Tablet Press June 19

TP Extra Be Opioid Aware!

Tablet Press Extra Dressings Dressings Formulary Update May 2019 TP Extra
Tablet Press July 19
Tablet Press Extra Asthma and COPD TP Extra Asthma and COPD update

Adult Asthma inhaler guidelines

Paediatric Asthma inhaler guidelines




COPD Guidance COPD-Guidance-2019
Tablet Press August Tablet Press – August 2019
Tablet Press Extra Immunisation for individuals with asplenia and splenic dysfunction TP Extra – Immunisation for individuals with asplenia and splenic dysfunction
Tablet Press September September 2019
Guidelines Infant Formula guidelines-infant-formula
Red Drugs TP Extra Red Drugs TP Extra
Tablet Press Tablet Press October ’19
TP Extra TP Extra – 3rd party apps
TP Extra ERD Tablet Press Extra-eRD
Tablet Press November November 2019
TPX Repeat prescribing TPX Repeat Project November 2019

Tablet Press 2020

January-20-TP January 20 TP
February-20-TP February 20 TP
March-20-TP March 20 TP
Tablet Press Extra- Hayfever Tablet Press Extra Hay fever 2020 OTC
Tablet Press Extra Inhalers TP Extra – Clenil shortage March 2020
Tablet Press Extra March 20 TP
Vitamin B12 Vitamin_B12_deficiency_flowchart
Tablet Press Extra April -20 TP Extra – Hydroxycobalamin
Tablet Press Extra DMARDS and COVID TP Extra DMARDSBSR COVID19_risk_scoring_guideLetter from NGH rheumatology dept to GPs
Tablet Press Extra Warfarin to DOAC switch TP extra – Warfarin to DOAC switch
Tablet Press Extra Diabetes and Covid 19 Ketone letter  TP Extra – Diabetes and Covid19
Tablet Press Oct 20 Tablet Press October
Tablet Press Extra Oct 20 TP Extra Nutrional Supplements and Infant Formula Prescibing 2020
Tablet Press November 20 Tablet Press November
Tablet Press Extra November 20 Tablet Press Extra -EPS change for nutritional products
Tablet Press 2021
Tablet Press Extra February 21 Extended Care TPX_CPECS
Tablet press Extra March 21 Tablet Press Extra Amiodarone March 2021
Northamptonshire’s “new treatment guidance for type 2 diabetes management” T2DM Prescribing Guidance TPX
Tablet Press April 21 Tablet Press April 2021
May Tablet Press May Tablet Press
May TP Extra and implementing Steroid emergency card EMIS Tablet Press Extra – Proxy ordering updated with video linksTablet Press Extra Implementing Steroid Emergency Card NPSA Alert EMIS
Implementing steroid emergency card Systm1 Tablet Press Extra Implementing Steroid Emergency Card NPSA Alert Systm1
Tablet Press June 2021 Tablet Press – Issue 177 – June 2021
Tablet Press July 2021 July Tablet Press
Tablet Press Extra Diabetes, TPX Depression July 2021 Tablet Press Extra GLP1-RA v2 Tablet Press Extra Depression Guidelines Being Well Action Plan Prescribing Guideline for Treatment of Depression in Adults in Primary Care


A list of pharmacies that can supply varenicline for smoking cessation via PGD

A Tablet Press Extra on Infant Feeds

A Tablet Press Extra on calculating renal function when prescribing DOACs.

August’s edition of Tablet Press


Community Pharmacies able to provide Varenicline under a PGD

TP Extra Infants Feeds August 2021

TP Extra Calculation of Renal Function for DOAC prescribing

Tablet Press August 2021

September’s Tablet Press Tablet Press Issue 173 September 2021
SystmOne and EMIS user guides for GP practices setting up GP referrals to CPCS EMIS Comm Pharm Referral Protocol Guide GP CPCS Systmone User Guide
September TPX featuring GP-CPCS Tablet Press Extra GP-CPCS update
September TPX Tablet Press Extra Valproate in women and girls fo childbearing potential finalTablet Press Extra NICE C Diff guidance