Gluten Free food under Local Enhanced Service

Gluten Free food under Local Enhanced Service

December 3, 2018

NHS England informed you of the changes in year to the availability of gluten free (GF) foods that can be prescribed in primary care when you signed up to provide this service.


Following consultation undertaken by the Department of Health & Social Care (DHSC), the following categories will no longer be available from the 4th December 2018; biscuits, cereals, cooking aids, grains/flours and pasta. Only Gluten Free Breads and Gluten Free Mixes will be available on the NHS.


Please see the list of Gluten Free Bread and Mixes that you can supply from the 4th December 2018 Use the same link for the updated patient leaflets removing the products no longer available.


Please note the maximum number of units per calendar month is remaining the same as recommended by Coeliac UK, however please note that we will be undertaking a review of this and will let you know in good time if changes are to be made. 


For further information and to help communicate the message to patients please see the links below;


Please see the NHS England press release:


FAQs regarding the changes:


NHS England has also developed guidance for CCGs, which is intended to communicate changes in regulations, and to support CCGs with their development of their local gluten-free food prescribing policies. Commissioning guidance and associated resources can be found:


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