Smartcard multi-site access

Smartcard multi-site access

July 13, 2020

COVID-19 update: Before and during the start of the COVID-19 2020 pandemic, PSNC supported NHS Digital’s work to look at adjusting the flexibility of Smartcards whilst maintaining integrity of the Smartcard system. Developments during 2020 included:

  • NHS Digital confirmed their position regarding RA flexibility “Wider use of National Locum Pharmacy Agency code and position (FFFFF) can be used. It is important that RAs keep a log of users given this access for exceptional reasons so that it can be revoked as appropriate at some point in the future.” (24th March 2020 NHS Digital website).
  • Those pharmacy team members with the pharmacist and 5F codes on their card were granted SCR rights associated with the 5F code for at least one year. This bulk adjustment performed by NHS Digital meant that if the staff used the 5F at various pharmacy premises, they could still access SCR information. A new card role, “National Locum Pharmacist + SCR – COVID-19”, was added to smartcards from late April 2020. The new Smartcard code is planned to automatically expire after one year. This activity was performed centrally so that no action should have been required by pharmacy team members or local RAs.” (From April 23rd 2020).

Our Registration Authority is NHS Arden and Greater East Midlands CSU FOR MK and Nene CCGs :

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Smartcard multi-site access

COVID-19 update: Before and during the start of the COVID-19 2020 pandemic, PSNC supported NHS Digital’s work to look at...