Smartcards Registration Authority

Before anyone can access SCR in your pharmacy you would first need to attend the face to face training, complete the acceptable user agreement(AUA) online and complete SCR CPPE assessment. The AUA is a declaration to say your pharmacy  has got the key requirements  in place i.e. SOP, IG submitted etc.


Your locum pharmacists shouldn’t be accessing SCR in your pharmacy until the above has been completed regardless of whether the locum has SCR access on their smartcard!


Throughout the year you need to be actively using SCR in your pharmacy to meet the criteria at the Quality review points .


Please note:  GEM Service desk contact e.g. for functionality issues with Smartcards, adding SCR, locums etc Tel: 01522 515362 (MK and NN)

To activate locum access (in the absence of a sponsor) the locum asks 5 pharmacies to email

The office manager is Vaughan Ireson. They will need to state that the named locum is working with them, their F code and the smart card number. The GPhC number is not required.

For IT issues

Phone: 0300 1231020