Sustainability and Transformation Plans

The NHS and local councils have come together in 44 areas covering all of England to develop proposals and make improvements to health and care.

There is a new name for our Northamptonshire Sustainability and Transformation Partnership.

From April 2018, the Northamptonshire Sustainability and Transformation Partnership will be known as Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership.

This change signifies our joint aim to work collaboratively to make sure we deliver both what we need to today, whilst making sure we keep an eye on delivering the transformation we need in the future.

Importantly, it recognises our focus on inclusivity and the significance of our collective strength and collaboration in transforming the care we provide. It underlines our core purpose; working together to improve the quality of care and outcomes for people in the county. So while the national drivers for our work are outlined in the NHS Sustainability and Transformation planning frameworks and the NHS Five year forward view we know that at our very core, to help our community to flourish, we must make sure that working effectively in partnership is our enduring theme. You can find out more about the national STP programme here

Angela Hillery, Partnership lead said:
“As a Health and Care Partnership we know that to create the changes we need to see we must all share the same aims and values; that our patients and our local population must come first, that we must work together in an open way, that we must challenge and support each other and that we must focus on making the changes we need to happen.

This new name signifies our commitment to working together to support local needs. It also signifies that while there may officially be ‘core’ partners needed within our planning frameworks, we know that there are many health and care providers and members of our community who have a role to play in sharing their views and delivering innovative and important projects that are already making a difference for our communities.

Collectively delivering on our priorities is not always easy or straight forward, but at the very core if we work in partnership effectively, we have the best chance of achieving them.”

Tansi Harper, chair of the Partnership collaborative stakeholder forum said:
“We are making sure we create collaborative ways to work together with all our stakeholders so our values and principles are central to all we do and that our patients and local population come first.

Our Partnership has brought together key members of our health and care provider community to ensure we are hearing the voice of those we care for and support. I am excited about the opportunities this collaboration presents and what the new name represents.”


Are there any other changes?

  • Officially, key members of the Partnership are still our local NHS and county council organisations and we will be regulated by NHS England and our own organisational regulators. Our workforce remains the same and we are all working together under the same governance framework.
  • Those currently working on the STP priorities will continue to do so and to work together. All systems and routes of contact in place will continue as they are for the time being.
  • To support the new name we have a new logo and style and we will launch a new website soon which will share details of our Partnership working, our priorities and how we are moving things forward. You will start to see the logo on updates relating to Partnership work; this will be a helpful way to see what we are doing and how you can stay up to date and in touch.