Waste Collection

In Milton Keynes the company called Stericycle https://www.stericycle.co.uk (previously known as SRCL) are responsible for uplifting your medicines waste. The contract is arranged with NHSE and is 4 weekly (13 times a year). Unfortunately SRCL cannot be specific about their collection day but may phone you when they are e.g. an hour away as a courtesy.  For some reason there are exceptions and the pharmacies listed below have their waste collected by PHS.

Pharmacies in MK with PHS collection for waste

In Northamptonshire the contract is held with PHS and the arrangements for collection do vary. they may be monthly, bi- monthy or less frequent. if you feel that unwanted medicines are causing a hazzard in your premises e.g. blocking fire exits and passageways then please get in touch with either Jane Bray (for MK pharmacies tel: 0113 824 8830) or Razia Wison (for NN pharmacies tel:07918368382) and they will endeavour to help you perhaps by arranging a more frequent collection to meet your needs. PHS are trying to update their records to improve their service which is why you may be asked for your telephone number. When their new system is updated and live the driver will then be able to phone the day before to let your site know that they are doing a collection. For general information and guidance on all aspects of waste management please refer to the comprehensive section at www.psnc.org which should answer all your questions.http://psnc.org.uk/services- commissioning/essential-services/disposal-of-unwanted- medicines/)